Are you frequently stressed? Do you often get the feeling that things are getting over your head? Are you lacking ways and freedom to switch off in such a way that you can go on with your life in a relaxed manner?

Then you have come to the right place, because the subject of stress is very important to me! I observe with many people that on the one hand they underestimate the topic & #8211; because uncontrolled stress is persistently unhealthy & #8211; and that, on the other hand, you are underestimating your ability to deal with stress in a healthier way.

There is no one way how stress can be better coped with, reduced or stopped. In most cases, stress is more of a symptom that something is not going right in our life. However, a symptom that can become more and more self-evident and become uncontrollable.

Systemic stress prevention training

Eight-week training to stop spiraling stress and deal better with stress

8 x 90 minutes in a small group with 6 & #8211; 10 participants
& #8211; including a detailed, 56-page reader for self-study and deepening & #8211;

160 euros

In my 8-week stress prevention training, you will therefore get to know a variety of ways how you can deal with stress practically and internally better: from understanding inner drivers and the reasons for inner stress, to relieving perspectives on stressful circumstances and concrete possibilities of the Relaxation and stress management. The exchange in the group of participants is also very valuable, because sometimes the view from the outside helps & #8211; and together it is often a lot easier.

Due to the pandemic, my training is now taking place online via video conference for the first time & #8211; maybe this is the right offer for you? Registrations are still possible until right before the start of the course. And if you are legally insured, your health insurance will reimburse at least half of the course fee & #8211; So you pay a maximum of 75 euros for the online training. With some health insurance companies, nothing at all.


Overview of the course units

  1. Getting to know each other and orientation
    Stress vaccination training according to Meichenbaum
    Stress and physiological stress response
  2. Stress generation and systemic perspective
    The transactional stress model according to Lazarus
    Systemic Perspective on Stress
  3. Communication, relaxation and enjoyment
    Stress constructs
    Communication systems and stress
    Enjoyment training against stress
    Relaxation training
  4. Thoughts, drivers and stress management
    Consolidation of pleasure training
    Dealing with irrational thoughts
    Driver dynamics and their context
    Deepening relaxation training
  5. Thinking away from stress
    Cognitive restructuring & #8211; this makes & #8217; s in the head easier
    Positive self-instruction and self-verbalization
    Deepening relaxation training
  6. Stress and everyday life
    Time management & #8211; Find your own way of dealing with time pressure
    Resource activation & #8211; what is good for you
    Deepening relaxation training
  7. Stress and everyday life II
    Everyday transfer based on concrete example situations
    Activation of resources and skills
    Problem solving training
    Deepening relaxation training
  8. Course completion and preparation for & #8222; then & #8220;
    Relapse prevention and emergency strategies & #8211; if & #8217; s hooks again
    Further everyday transfer based on concrete example situations
    Resource strengthening & #8211; more stability in life
    Strengthening the expectation of self-efficacy & #8211; feel powerful
  9. Optional post-training phase in a small group
    Self-organized strengthening of resilience in everyday life